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In 2005 we began our direct F&I Office consulting operations by helping one of the first F&I Office supplier companies in Canada to grow into a force for dealerships around the country, and ever since then we have been on the forefront of F&I operations and dealership assistance. InfoFact Capital Inc. can help your dealership generate new and more revenues from your equipment sales by helping you set up a Financing & Insurance Office on site, or by providing F&I services to your clients remotely from our site in Edmonton.

Having immediate access to sources of loan or lease funding for your clients as soon as they are ready to acquire that piece of equipment from you can be critical.  Clients that don't have the time to arrange financing on their own, or just want to get a competitive quote to compare to what their current lender is giving, will appreciate being able to get that financing/leasing from the dealer.  Having the ability to finance what they buy from you at the same time/place is another tool you can use to generate more revenues.

Not having the ability to offer financing to clients ready to buy means they are that much more likely to go to the competition.

InfoFact can walk you thru the simple steps of setting up a full time office or having us work with your clients remotely. You and your clients will always be in control of the process and know what's going on every step of the way.  Because InfoFact has access to several different lending/leasing companies, we have the ability to get quick responses back to the dealership and the client, and sort out what the best deal actually is, according to the client's financial position and credit worthiness, and the conditions of the deal and how those affect the client. 

Because we have over two decades of experience in working with dealership F&I offices, we can provide services to you and your clients tailored especially to each individual transaction, and can help you with:

  • F&I Training and Support
  • Integrating your Sales team with your Finance team
  • Setting up the F&I reporting and recording systems to suit your needs
  • Strategic Analysis to determine what is working well and what needs updating
  • Marketing efforts to help get the word out that F&I is a valuable part of your dealership experience.

To find out more about how InfoFact Capital Inc. can help your dealership sell more and make more while helping your customers more, call us today!

Heavy Equipment and Truck/Trailer Dealer F&I Support