If you're in the market to buy or lease heavy equipment, want to get cash for working capital purposes using the equity you've built up in your existing fleet, or want to restructure your existing loans/leases, we can help.

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Top Ways to Save $$$ and Reduce Your Risk to Improve Your Position When Financing or Leasing Equipment

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With decades of experience in equipment financing, commercial banking, and accounting, not only can we help you get the best deal in terms of both rate and other pricing factors, but we can help structure deals so that the security and reporting requirements are appropriate and manageable for your circumstances.  And, we can show you how to structure your overall finances and reporting systems to help you get the best results the next time you're looking for financing or trade credit, including:

- Top ways to make equipment financing & leasing requests sail right thru to approval.

- Ideas on how bankers and other lenders think as they decide what rate and fees to charge you, so you can counter those concerns and improve your pricing.

- Concrete information showing details on how to save money on each deal, not only up front but over the life of the loan/lease.

- Common barriers to getting an approval, and getting the final loan/lease funds actually advanced, and how you can get around them.

- Ways to protect yourself in a worst-case scenario, and how not to give up too much security.

- How to understand reporting and performance requirements the lender or leasing company puts on you so you're not caught off guard.

If you're interested in knowing all that, but are not quite ready for a phone or in-person consultation, just contact us using the form above and we'll send you a PDF list of the top 10 ways to save money, protect yourself, your assets and your company, and get a better deal when financing or refinancing equipment.  It doesn’t cost anything, you won’t be put on a mailing list (unless you want to get further regular free updates), and there are no hidden catches.  We only ask that:

- If you have a suggestion or question on the contents of the list, let us know.
- If you find it useful, tell others, and direct them to this site so they can get their own updated copy.

- The next time you are planning on financing new or used equipment, want to get working capital out of the equity you built up in your existing equipment fleet, or would like other equipment financing and banking guidance, consider giving us a call.

We can help you get equipment loans or equipment leasing for the following types of equipment:

- Construction equipment - dozers, wheel loaders, scrapers, graders, compactors, excavators, skid steer loaders, rock trucks, and more

- Road building equipment - compactors, pavers, cement trucks and pumps, directional drills, dump trucks and more

- Aggregate equipment - screens, crushers, conveyors, crushers, stackers

- Transport and trucks & trailers - highway, in-town body jobs, reefer units, buses

- Forestry equipment - forwarders, log loaders, processors, chippers, delimbers, mulchers, forestry trailers, and more

- Oil & gas equipment - pipelayers, tank and vac trucks and trailers, bed trucks, winch trucks, combo units, and more

- Lifting and material handling equipment - man-lifts, fork lifts, cranes

- Support equipment - heaters, light towers, gensets, pumps

- Service and specialty trucks - sanitation trucks, mechanics trucks, utility trucks, tow trucks, snow plow and sander trucks, and more

- Manufacturing equipment - lathes, milling machines, presses, shears, and more

- Mining equipment

- Agricultural equipment

- And many more!

We can also help you get the following types of financing:

- New and used equipment loans

- New and used equipment leases (including capital leases or operating leases)

- Working capital loans

- Private seller financing

- Loans for inventory

- Small business loans

- Rental equipment conversions

- Loan and lease restructuring

Just send us a note using the form on the right, and we'll call you to see how we can help, or call 780 993 9408 today for a no obligation, no hassle, no fee initial consultation!